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Jordan Travel FAQ

  • How to get a Covid Test in Jordan

    Guide to Covid Tests in Jordan: When and How to get Tested

    Traveling to Jordan in the near future, and wondering about the rules and regulations regarding Covid tests? While the world slowly adjusts to the reality of having a pandemic to deal... explore more
  • Ajloun Forest Reserve

    Ajloun Forest Reserve

    Situated some 80 km north of Amman, near the Ajloun Governorate, the Ajloun Forest Reserve is about 13 square kilometers of protected land. Within the forest reserve, there is extensive wildlife,... explore more
  • Understanding Local Customs in Jordan

    Understanding Local Customs in Jordan

    Understanding local customs in Jordan and Jordanian Traditions is an important part of the experience. For foreign visitors, having awareness allows for mutual respect and a deeper connection with locals. Here... explore more
  • how to use taxis in jordan

    How to use taxis in Jordan?

    While there are many ways to get around in Jordan, sometimes using a taxi is the best option for transportation in Jordan. It may be surprising that given the size and... explore more
  • Do I need a guide in Wadi Rum 2

    Do I need a tour guide in Wadi Rum?

    The Wadi Rum Desert, also known as the “Valley of the Moon” is one of the most beautiful and enchanting deserts in the world. Many travelers and visitors to the region... explore more
  • Instagram Petra

    5 Most Instagrammable Places in Jordan

    Jordan is an Instagram paradise, from the vibrant colored sand to the pink, rose-colored rock faces and ancient historical sites. The Wadi Rum Desert served as the set for the movie... explore more
  • Guide in Petra

    Do I need a tour guide in Petra?

    Have you asked yourself: “Do I need a tour guide in Petra?” Getting to Petra is exciting, enchanting and exhilarating. The lost city is steeped in wonder and showcases a vast... explore more
  • Jordanian Holidays

    Jordanian Holidays

    Holidays in Jordan occur throughout the year and range from both religious to celebratory, but always with a keen focus on Jordanian culture. There are many traditions that continue to be... explore more
  • horses in jordan

    Horseback Riding in Jordan

    From the vivid desert landscapes of Wadi Rum to the ancient attractions in Petra, the terrain and natural surroundings in Jordan make an ideal destination for horseback riding. Beyond this, horses,... explore more
  • Best New Jordan Hotels - W Hotel Amman

    Best new hotels in Jordan

    Jordan is continuing to gain momentum as a major tourist destination seeing a rise of European and international tourists each year. With the increase in visitors, leading hotel groups are developing... explore more