Best Books to Read & Movies to Watch before Visiting Jordan

Everyone enjoys reading a good book or watching a movie to get them in the mood for a vacation. Fortunately, there have been many books and films about Jordan. Whether you want to learn more about the history of Jordan, or, enjoy fictional adventures set in Petra, those are the best books to read and movies to watch before visiting Jordan.

You should read those books before coming to Jordan

Books to read before Visiting Jordan

The Rough Guide to Jordan, Matthew Teller

This book is the ultimate travel guide for Jordan. It provides details about all the things to see and do in Jordan including destinations that are slightly off the beaten path. The guide also includes maps, entrance prices, and important cultural information. It is ideal for planning an itinerary in advance and even offers information on places to eat and places to stay with honest reviews.

Married to A Bedouin, Marguerite van Geldermasen

Married to A Bedouin is a fascinating book about a nurse from New Zealand who married a Bedouin man from Petra whilst traveling in 1978. The story explores the life of the Bedouin people and Margueritte’s own personal experience of moving into a cave with her new husband and embracing the Jordanian culture. The book provides an insight into the traditions of the Bedouin people, something which is difficult to find in Jordan today.

The Language of Baklava, Diana Abu-Jaber

This memoir explores the childhood of writer Diana Abu-Jaber. Diana was raised by a Jordanian father in Canada and in the book she explores Jordanian food and personal accounts of her family. The book provides readers with a good understanding of Jordanian cooking and includes a number of recipes to practice at home before and after your vacation.

Films to watch before Visiting Jordan

Best Books to Read & Movies to Watch before Visiting Jordan

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

This blockbuster movie is a fun fictional fantasy film about an art collector who asks the beloved explorer Indiana Jones to embark on an expedition to find the Holy Grail. The reason that this is a great movie to watch before visiting Jordan is that it is set around the archaeological site of Petra. This movie is a great way to get children excited for their very own Jordanian adventure.

Lawrence of Arabia

This classic Hollywood film was made in 1962 and explores a dramatized version of T.E. Lawrence and his role as a liaison officer for the Arab and British army. Although it is slightly fictionalized, the movie is a historical drama that contains facts about T.E. Lawrence’s time in Jordan. There are many places to visit in Jordan that T.E. Lawrence visited and this movie is a good way to gain a brief understanding of the role he played in Jordanian history.

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