Ajloun Forest Reserve

Situated some 80 km north of Amman, near the Ajloun Governorate, the Ajloun Forest Reserve is about 13 square kilometers of protected land. Within the forest reserve, there is extensive wildlife, most specifically a designated bird area created to protect endangered bird species. There is also a captive breeding program which is specially designed to help foster and protect animals, more explicitly to protect the roe deer who are locally extinct within the region.

About the Ajloun Forest Reserve

The Ajloun Forest Reserve is an inviting and interesting location for visitors as it offers an exciting look into the wildlife and the landscape. Created in 1988 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, the reserve offers several hiking trails which are easily accessible as well as an informative visitor center and several other attractions including a soap house and calligraphy house. Furthermore, guests can enjoy lunch and coffee in the cafe which uses local and regional ingredients. There are also several small cottages which can be rented and visitors can sleep overnight within the reserve.

Ajloun Forest Reserve

The reserve which is located near the village of Umm Al-Yanabi also employs many locals to the area including women who seek employment within the shops on the premises. It serves to be inclusive both to locals and visitors.

Visiting the Ajloun Forest Reserve

Within the reserve, there are also many fruit trees ranging from strawberries to pistachios, carob, and many olive trees. As you pass through the trails there are several fig trees and pomegranates, all flourishing and enjoyable to pick fruit, which is also used in the cafe for food preparation.

Throughout the year, the cottages are also open to students who come to visit the Reserve to learn about biodiversity and conservation. The goal is to educate and inspire the minds of tomorrow in order to keep this land protected and thriving.

In the Ajloun Forest Reserve, the climate is unique and rare, and not comparable to all parts of the country. In fact, the land is mostly valleys and rolling hills, which also includes several water springs. This makes it an ideal place to visit and spend time exploring the natural beauty and learning more about the unique conservation projects and animal protection that takes place on the nature reserve.

Open 7 days a week from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Aljoun, Jordan

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